Heat Therapy
What is heat therapy and how does it work.
Different Types of Heat Pads
Heat pads become essential in every household for initial remedy in relieving pain. Learn what types of pads are available.
Infrared Heat Therapy
How infrared heat therapy works, when to use and not to use infrared lamps, precautions in using infrared lamps and the benefits that can be derived
Paraffin Wax Heat Therapy
Paraffin wax therapy is a safe way to soothe pain. Find out how.
Best Heat Therapy for Different Body Conditions
Discover the heat therapy that works best for each condition of the body
Discover the heat therapy that works best for each condition of the body
Best Heat Therapy for Different Body Conditions

Different conditions or types of pain of the body have corresponding heat therapy that can aid in healing or treating that condition.

Muscle Pain
To relieve pain in the muscles, using heat pads will the do the trick. An air activated heat pad is best to relax cramped and tight neck and shoulder muscles. You can stick and leave the pad right where it hurts and at the same time you can still go on with your usual activities. You can also use moist heat pads, which provides deep heat penetration to loosen up stiff muscles. For tired feet and hand muscles, paraffin wax can provide the relief.

Back Pain
Doctors highly recommend using moist heat pads for back pain since these pads are best for large body areas. This is widely used by physical therapist for soothing recurring back pains. Also, this kind of treatment is relaxing that it would remove those stresses on your back. Infrared heat therapy also soothes any back pain by directly providing heat on this area. Also, if you want to proceed with your basic daily activities while having treatment, you can use air activated heat pads that are large enough to cover the back.

Radiant heat from infrared lamps can help in relieving pain for arthritis. The heat helps in dilating the blood vessels that causes healing in the muscles and soft tissues. Since there would be better circulation within the body, the muscles recover faster as oxygen is being delivered to the muscles. This would help to improve the flexibility and range of motion of the joints and muscles when you have arthritis. Moist heat pads also provide the intense heat needed to penetrate the soft tissues that would help relieve arthritis pain.

Dry Skin
Since paraffin wax is popular with salons, spas and facial clinics, then paraffin wax would be best in bringing back moisture and glow in the skin. The heat from paraffin wax helps open skin pores and promote circulation in your skin. This then will leave you with a soft and radiant skin. Also, infrared heat therapy is best for dry skin since sweating that is achieved through this therapy will wash away the impurities in your skin. This will give fresh and improved texture with the skin.

Stress and Fatigue
Paraffin wax helps remove stress and fatigue. It is used in therapeutic massages that would help ease the stress nodes formed on your back. It melts away tensions from busy lifestyles. Infrared heat therapy will also have the same effect to the body. The heat will serve as the massage that would help you feel renewed both mind and body.

Weight Control
Infrared heat therapy can help in melting excess fats in our body. The heat caused by infrared sauna would allow you to sweat more while burning the calories and pumping more blood to your blood vessels. Your heart will then work better and will boost circulation. This therapy is best for those who do not have the luxury of time to do workouts and cut on those extra bulges on your body. Infrared heat therapy can also clear the cellulite. The heat will melt these unwanted gel-like fats trapped under the skin.

Good Immune System
The intense heat from infrared heat therapy can help in promoting a good immune system. Since sweating will wash away the toxins in our body, good resistance from other diseases can be attained with this therapy.

This is the monthly pain being experienced by women. Heating pads are safe for relieving monthly cramps felt caused by menstruation. You can use any types of the heating pads but the electric, microwaveable, and sodium acetate are best for applying heat on your hips.

Acne, Psoriasis and other Skin Cuts
Infrared heat therapy will help in removing the dirt and other dry skin accumulated on the outer layer of the skin. This will improve the conditions of these skin disorders. Also, heat from infrared lamps can help in healing open wounds.

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