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Discover the heat therapy that works best for each condition of the body
Paraffin Wax Heat Therapy

Dip that Pain Away with Paraffin Wax Heat Therapy

Paraffin wax is becoming popular these days since some salons are using it for hand and foot spa for a soft and supple skin. Paraffin wax is now being used for aesthetic purposes.

However, that is not just the use of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax heat therapy is a very effective way of applying heat to soothe stiffness or pain in some parts of the body such as muscles and joints.

It is very simple to use paraffin heat therapy. You can even do this in your own homes. Here is how paraffin wax heat therapy is being done.

You will need to melt the paraffin wax in a bath. The bath is a warming unit that would turn the wax into liquid. It is in this state that the paraffin reaches the optimal temperature that is perfect for heat therapy. When you see that the wax is completely melted, dip your foot, elbow or hand into the liquid paraffin. You feel the wax form again on these parts of your body. As it cools down, that paraffin will become a soothing coating that would transfer the heat onto the affected area. This then will relieve the pain or any stiffness felt.

Paraffin wax has this ability to absorb and retain deep heat; thus, it has high heat capacity. That is the reason why it is an effective method for heat therapy. It is also for this reason that it is being used in spa for a radiant skin. The heat in the paraffin wax will eventually open the pores of the skin. This then would allow better circulation in the skin. And the result would be a glowing and soft skin.

Paraffin wax heat therapy can be used in homes, offices, hospitals, clinics and medical spas. They are effective heat treatments that are drug-free, safe, fast acting and flexible.

Paraffin wax heat therapy can be used for so many purposes, starting from joint pain to facials, massages and salon-style pedicures and manicures. Here are the numerous applications for paraffin wax heat therapy.

• Relieves joint pains caused by arthritis
• Relaxes and soothes stiffness in muscles
• Can be used in therapeutic massages
• Can be used as well during occupational and physical therapy
• Can be used before performing therapeutic exercises
• Helps moisturize dry skin
• For facials, manicures and pedicures
• Helps in increasing the range of motion
• Soothes overworked hands and feet
• Provides heat to cold hands especially during winter

And since paraffin heat therapy can be performed easily, there are some factors to take into consideration when choosing your paraffin heat therapy system. Here are the features you need to check into when buying your own system:
1. Make sure that it has an automatic temperature control so that the wax will be at a maintained and safe level of heat temperature.
2. It should have a comfortable bowl. The dipping bowl should be ideally oval in shape so that it would be a lot comfortable when you dip your hands, feet and elbows.
3. Good insulation so that you would not feel the heat on the surfaces of the unit.
4. Look for CE Mark to be sure that the unit was tested for good quality.
5. Good warranty to make sure that you will be able to use the unit for a longer period of time.

Though paraffin heat therapy is useful, there are still some cases when using it may not be advisable. Here some instances:

1. Stop using paraffin therapy if there were sensitivities with the wax such as dermatitis.
2. Do not use if there are open wounds or other inflammatory skin illness.
3. Before using paraffin heat therapy, consult a doctor for those you have decreased sensation or those with peripheral vascular diseases. In here, circulation is impaired and there is an abnormality with their sensation such as for those who have diabetes.
4. It should never be used for those who have abnormal sensitivity with heat.

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